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Ugao Green (private) limited SECP Reg no 0139369

Ugao green is located in Sibi, Balochistan, Pakistan. we have established an online qurbani shop for distribution,

1. Qurbani 2023 (قربانی)

2. Zakat (زکوۃ)

3. Aqeeqah (عقیقہ)

4. Sadqa (صدقہ)

5. Fitr (فترانہ)

6. Donation (خیرات )

24/7 and on the occasions of Eid, Muharram, and Rabi-ul-Awal. We ensure quality service and
satisfaction for our buyers.

online shop in Balochistan. Pakistan

Balochistan is backward and neglected proavince of Pakistan

The majority of the people are poor Unfortunately, a large number of the
population lives below the poverty level. In such crucial circumstances, people
can’t afford meat and food.

online Qurbani shop management mission is to support and provide for the less privileged in our society.

Video of Meat distribution in (poor) Childrens (Push Here)

Qurbani (digital Proof)



Maintain accountability and integrity we provide visual proof of your online Qurbani, Aqiqah, Sadaqah, Fitr and Donation by sending a video and upload on youtube channel ( while performing the sunnah. You have to choose your category goat, sheep, bull and cow online deposit the amount and we will share the visual proof of your sacrifice with you.


Unveiling The Harsh Realities Of Poverty in Balochistan.

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