online qurnbani 2023 services in Liverpool united kingdom.

online qurnbani 2023 services in Liverpool united kingdom.



Qurbani is an important religious practice for Muslims all around the world, especially during the time of Eid-ul-Adha. It involves the sacrifice of an animal, usually a goat, sheep, cow, or camel, to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismail as an act of obedience to Allah. The meat from the sacrificed animal is then distributed among the poor and needy, promoting the spirit of charity and generosity.

However, not everyone can afford to perform Qurbani, especially those living in impoverished regions such as Balochistan, Pakistan. To address this issue, an online Qurbani shop based in Luni, Sibi, Balochistan, Pakistan is offering online Qurbani services to people in Liverpool, United Kingdom. This service aims to provide an opportunity for those who cannot physically perform the sacrifice to still participate in this important religious act and donate their Qurbani to the people of Balochistan.



The online Qurbani shop purchases animals from poor farmers and herders in the area to support the local economy and ensure that the animals are well-cared for. The animals are then slaughtered in a halal manner, and the meat is distributed among the people of Balochistan who are in need. The shop also provides visual proof of the sacrifice being performed and the distribution of the meat to ensure transparency and accountability.



Apart from Qurbani, the online shop also offers other services such as Aqiqah, Sadqa, Fitr, and Khirat. Aqiqah is a tradition of sacrificing an animal on the occasion of a child's birth, and the meat is distributed among the poor. Sadqa is a voluntary act of charity, and Fitr is a mandatory charity given at the end of Ramadan. Khirat is a charitable donation made in the memory of a deceased person.



The online Qurbani shop understands the importance of providing relief to those in need, especially during difficult times. In addition to providing meat, the shop also offers other services such as the distribution of clothes and other essentials to those in need. This ensures that the people of Balochistan receive the necessary support to lead a dignified life.


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