online qurbqni 2023 services in Lichfield united kingdom.

online qurbqni 2023 services in Lichfield united kingdom.


Qurbani is an important ritual for Muslims all over the world, and it is a symbol of sacrifice and devotion. It is one of the most important Islamic events that is celebrated annually. Qurbani involves the sacrifice of an animal, which is then distributed among the poor and needy. In Pakistan, Qurbani is an essential event, and many people who are financially able participate in this religious ritual. However, due to various factors, some people may not be able to participate in Qurbani. This is where an online Qurbani shop comes in to provide a convenient solution.



Luni Qurbani Shop is an online Qurbani shop based in Sibi, Balochistan Pakistan, that offers online Qurbani services to people in Lichfield, United Kingdom. The shop provides a hassle-free way for people to perform Qurbani and to donate the meat to those in need in Balochistan, one of the poorest regions in the world. The shop purchases animals from poor farmers and distributes meat to the poor and needy in the region. The animals are carefully selected and prepared by experienced workers in the shop, ensuring that the meat is of the highest quality.

The online Qurbani shop offers various services, including aqiqah, sadqa, fitr, and khirat. These services are essential for Muslims who wish to perform other religious rituals that involve sacrificing animals. Aqiqah is the sacrifice of an animal to celebrate the birth of a child, while sadqa is a voluntary sacrifice for the sake of Allah. Fitr is an obligatory donation that Muslims must give at the end of Ramadan, and Khirat is a donation made to the poor and needy.



The Qurbani shop provides visual proof of performing and distributing the meat, which is essential for those who donate their Qurbani to ensure that their donation is being used for its intended purpose. The shop takes pictures and videos of the Qurbani process, including the purchase of the animal, the sacrifice, and the distribution of the meat. These images and videos are shared with the donors, giving them peace of mind and satisfaction that their donation has reached its intended recipients.



The Qurbani shop has a team of experienced workers who are knowledgeable about the Qurbani process and understand the importance of the ritual. They carefully select the animals for sacrifice, ensuring that they are healthy and fit for consumption. They also prepare the meat according to Islamic dietary laws, ensuring that the meat is halal and fit for consumption by Muslims.


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