online qurbani 2023 services in Ripon united kingdom.

online qurbani 2023 services in Ripon united kingdom.


Online Qurbani Shop is a platform based in Luni, Sibi, Balochistan Pakistan that offers online Qurbani services to people in the Ripon United Kingdom. Our mission is to provide a convenient and reliable way for people to donate their Qurbani to the poorest people in the world, specifically the people of Balochistan Pakistan.



We purchase animals from poor people in the region, ensuring that they receive a fair price for their livestock. This not only helps support local communities but also ensures that animals are treated humanely throughout the process.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable workers then performs the Qurbani according to Islamic tradition, adhering to all necessary rules and regulations. We offer visual proof of the Qurbani being performed, as well as proof of the distribution of the meat to those in need.



In addition to our Qurbani services, we also offer a range of other charitable services, including Aqiqah, Sadqa, Fitr, and Khirat. Aqiqah is a traditional Islamic practice that involves the sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of a child's birth, while Sadqa is the voluntary giving of charity. Fitr is a mandatory charity given by Muslims at the end of Ramadan, while Khirat is a form of charity given in honor of deceased loved ones.



We understand that many people are unable to perform Qurbani themselves due to various reasons, including distance, time constraints, and a lack of access to suitable livestock. That's why we offer our online Qurbani services, making it easy for people to donate their Qurbani to those in need.

Our services are available to people all over the world, including those in the Ripon United Kingdom. We take great care in ensuring that the Qurbani is performed according to Islamic tradition, and that the meat is distributed to those who need it most.


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