online qurbani 2023 services in Portsmouth united kingdom.

online qurbani 2023 services in Portsmouth united kingdom.


As the world becomes more interconnected through technology, it has become increasingly easier to connect people from different parts of the globe. One of the many benefits of this interconnectedness is the ability to share resources and help those in need in different parts of the world. One such resource that can be shared is the practice of Qurbani.

Qurbani is an Islamic ritual that involves the sacrifice of an animal, usually a goat, sheep, or cow, as a symbol of devotion and submission to Allah. The meat from the animal is then distributed to those in need, including family members, friends, and the poor. This practice is performed during the festival of Eid al-Adha, which is celebrated worldwide by Muslims.



In recent years, the practice of Qurbani has become more accessible to people around the world, thanks to the rise of online Qurbani services. One such service is the Qurbani shop based in Luni, Sibi, Balochistan Pakistan, which offers online Qurbani services to the people of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. The shop provides an opportunity for people in Portsmouth to donate their Qurbani to the poorest people in Balochistan, Pakistan, where poverty is a major issue.



The Qurbani shop in Luni, Sibi, Balochistan Pakistan, purchases animals from poor people in the area and distributes the meat to them. This not only provides a source of income for these people but also ensures that they have access to fresh and nutritious meat. Additionally, the Qurbani shop workers provide visual proof of performing and distributing the Qurbani, giving donors peace of mind that their donation has been properly utilized.

In addition to Qurbani services, the Qurbani shop also offers other services, including Aqiqah, Sadqa, Fitr, and Khirat. Aqiqah is the Islamic tradition of sacrificing an animal on the occasion of a child's birth, while Sadqa and Fitr are charitable donations made to the poor. Khirat is a type of charitable donation made for the benefit of the deceased.



All of these services are provided with the same level of care and attention to detail as the Qurbani service. The Qurbani shop workers ensure that the animals are properly cared for before the sacrifice and that the meat is distributed fairly and equitably to those in need. They also provide donors with visual proof of performing and distributing the service, giving them confidence that their donation has been utilized effectively.


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