online qurbani 2023 services in Londonderry united kingdom.

online qurbani 2023 services in Londonderry united kingdom.


Qurbani is an important ritual that Muslims perform during the annual festival of Eid al-Adha. It involves the sacrifice of an animal, typically a sheep, goat, cow, or camel, as a symbol of Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail for Allah's sake. Muslims worldwide participate in this act of worship, and the meat from the sacrifice is distributed among family, friends, and the poor.

In Luni, Sibi, Balochistan, Pakistan, an online Qurbani shop is offering its services to the people of Londonderry, United Kingdom. The shop specializes in providing online Qurbani services to the Muslim community in the UK who want to donate their Qurbani to the poorest people in Balochistan, Pakistan. The shop has a unique approach to Qurbani services as it purchases animals from poor farmers in the area, ensuring that their livelihoods are sustained, and the meat is distributed among the neediest people.



The Qurbani shop has a team of workers who are dedicated to performing the Qurbani and distributing the meat to the poor. The workers are experienced and skilled in handling the animals with care and performing the Qurbani in a humane manner. They ensure that the animals are healthy and well-fed before the Qurbani, and the meat is processed and packaged correctly, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and quality.

In addition to Qurbani services, the shop also offers other services such as Aqiqah, Sadqa, Fitr, and Khirat. Aqiqah is the act of sacrificing an animal on the occasion of a child's birth, while Sadqa is an act of voluntary charity. Fitr is a mandatory charity given by Muslims during the month of Ramadan, while Khirat is a donation made in memory of a deceased loved one. All these services are performed with the same dedication and attention to detail as the Qurbani service.



One of the unique aspects of the Qurbani shop is the visual proof of performing and distribution. The shop provides its customers with pictures and videos of the animals before and after the Qurbani, as well as pictures and videos of the meat distribution. This gives the customers peace of mind, knowing that their Qurbani has been performed and distributed according to Islamic guidelines and that their donation has reached the neediest people.



The Qurbani shop's online platform makes it easy for customers in the UK to donate their Qurbani to the people of Balochistan, Pakistan. The website is user-friendly and provides all the necessary information about the Qurbani services and other services offered by the shop. The website also has a secure payment system, ensuring that the customers' donations reach the intended recipients.


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